Kellie P.


I'd been struggling with seizures and loss of mobility of my legs when Justin offered an altar call and I went up. I struggled to walk up to the altar, and as he was praying for me my legs started to feel worse.

Then I heard someone praying in tongues, and I felt from the top of my head a flow (almost like oil) slowly move down to my legs. As it inched down, the muscles stopped moving until it reached my toes.

As I sat down, I could feel God's spirit coming out of my legs, as if it was searching for another person. I could see bright white as snow streaks moving out of my legs.

I'm STILL basking in God's wonderful healing. And for the first time, God allowed [my daughter] to translate the prayer in tongues. God spoke through her and said, "You have been faithful and patient. You are healed."

God had been guiding me back to my home church, and that Sunday I finally made that choice. Since November 2019, when this happened, I've only had one problem with my legs. And instead of it lasting weeks, it ONLY LASTED HOURS! I'm still learning to pace myself. 

Bonnie K.


I have been attending NLAG for about a year and I know that God called me to be here for His purpose.

There was a need to expand the food pantry, which was NOT my idea, NOT my comfort zone, NOT in my vision for my future. HOWEVER, God knew and continued to nudge me until I said, "Yes, I trust you!"

It has been a wild ride, with so many blessings. I actually write them down because I never, ever want to forget who this mission belongs to. He provides, He guides, we service. What an amazing blessing!