Acts 5:33-39
What Side of the Battle Are You Really On?

May 22, 2022

Justin K. Strait

New Life Assembly


It can be a dangerous place in our lives when we become more driven to "be right" than to be "in right standing with God". The difference is subtle, but powerful!

When we care about being right, we are more driven to support and prove our beliefs, thoughts, and actions. We are zealous to "honor God" through our world view. When we are driven to be in right standing with God, we don't have to defend anything. We just walk in obedience and our lives begin to live honoring God naturally!

In "What Side of the Battle Are You Really On?", Pastor Justin K. Strait, New Life's Lead Pastor, exhorts the church to honor God through the Spirit, Wisdom, and Obedience rather than doing it on our own because the flesh can never honor God!


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