Acts 4:1-4
Religion Vs. Godliness

Have you ever wondered what the real difference between Godliness and religion was? Or if there even was a difference at all? Watch this message below as Pastor Justin walks us through this very thing and helps us see what to be attentive of as Satan's plan of attack against believers often is to perverse/manipulate godliness into religiousness!

Acts 4:1-4


1. Religion ≠ Godliness

     *EVERYTHING is spiritual

          -1 Corinthians 2:12

          -Ephesians 6:12


2. God's Truth Always Brings Criticism and Persecution

          -James 15:19-20

     *We must operate from the heavenly realm!

          -James 4:13-14


3. God's Truth Always Brings Resurrection

          -John 11:25-26

     *Religion MANIPULATES God's Word for CONTROL!

          -Matthew 4:5-6

     *Godliness RELEASES God's Word for FREEDOM!