Acts 3:1-3
This Is Your Hour

Welcome to New Life Online! Sometimes we find ourselves like the lame man carried and laid down in front of Gate Beautiful (or the gate to a flourishing life). We've gone so long without an answer, healing, or restoration that we've given up hope that we'll ever be able to walk in abundance again.


This message is here to encourage you! You don't have to watch people, day after day after day, walk through the gate (live the life) you've never been able to walk in! THIS IS YOUR HOUR! This is the hour of prayer and power, and this is the hour everything changes...if you'll just be ready to listen and do what you've always been afraid and too broken to do...RISE UP! THIS IS YOUR HOUR!!!


Acts 3:1-3


1. The Length of Your Problem Does Not Dictate the Truth of God's Promise

     *John 10:10

     *2 Corinthians 1:20


2. Power Is Given Through The Prayers of Righteousness

     *James 5:16


3. We Are In The Season/Hour of Prayer/Power