We aim to offer ministry to everyone. And we mean EVERYONE. From 6 weeks old through High School, we have a ministry in place that meets our students where they are in life and helps take them where they are going.

Our nursery team provides deep, nurturing care for our infants (6 weeks) to 3 year olds! We work on watering their seeds of faith by teaching them the simple truths that we often forget: Jesus loves me and He loves all His children!

Our Children's Church team takes our 4 year olds through 11 year olds, helps their roots grow deeper in good soil! They jump into more age-appropriate teaching, games, and worship songs that help solidify the truth of God in their lives.

Our Jr. High and High School Youth Church completely transplants our children as they transition into young adults! They face many challenges, pains, and temptations--some of which we faced, many we didn't. They are trying to navigate their lives in a world that is teaching opposite the Word of God. We aim to show them love, care, strength, and hope as they learn how to produce the fruit of God in their lives.