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Sunday, January 30, 2022 New Life Assembly is holding its Annual Business Meeting immediately following morning worship!

Everyone is welcome to attend, but business can only be voted on by our voting members. There are two orders of business we will be voting on:

1. We will be voting on ONE board member position

2. We will be voting on a Church Board-proposed Constitution & Bylaw Amendment (proposal below)

Article VIII. Governemnt, Section 3. The Church Board

The government of this assembly shall be vested in the church board which shall consist of the pastor and at least five (5) board members—men or women of at least 23 years of age, mature in faith, and shall have been members of the assembly for at least 6 months. More board members may be added if needed.

*We are proposing to adjust the section to ready "at least four (4) board members" instead of "at least five (5) board members"