Acts 5:17-20
Anything But Ordinary

April 17, 2022

Justin K. Strait

New Life Assembly


The God we serve is anything but ordinary. The sacrifice He made on the cross is anything but ordinary. His resurrection from the dead is anything but ordinary. His ascension to heaven is anything but ordinary. And the redemption of His children--you and I--is anything but ordinary! So it is no surprise that Satan's jealousy against us pushes him to try and keep us in a jail cell of common and ordinary! This Easter Sunday message, "Anything But Ordinary", New Life's lead pastor, Justin K. Strait, helps us see that the entrapment we've been experiencing is all just a hoax! The keys Satan has been dangling in your face while you're behind bars are just fakes. He doesn't own those keys. Jesus does...and He gave us copies! So push the jail door open, push Satan inside instead, and lock it shut! Because YOU are "Anything But Ordinary"!


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