Acts 4:5-7
By Whose Power Are You Living?

Did you know that you don't have to go through life trying to do everything in your own power??? Did you know that you don't have to feel and live constantly defeated, destroyed, beat, broken, and hopeless??? If that's the way life has felt so far, be encouraged that you don't have to live by your own power! The power of Jesus' name has been made available and accessible to you to overcome! Watch and be encouraged today to quit living in your own power and start living in Jesus'!

Acts 4:5-7


1. The Name of Jesus Carries Resurrection Power

     *Romans 6:9-11

          -Jesus' Name Gives Power Over Damnation

     *Mark 16:15-16

          -Jesus Name Gives Power Over Demons

     *Mark 16:17

          -Jesus' Name Gives Power Over Disease

     *Mark 16:18


2. Jesus' Power Points To The Father

     *John 5:19

     *John 14:6


3. Jesus' Power Is Released Through Intimacy

     *John 15:4-6

          -If You're Not Intimate Enough For Jesus To Use You, You're Not Powerful Enough For Satan To Be Aware Of You

     *Acts 19:11-15