Acts 3:17-18
The Power of His Word

Take a moment and be empowered by the Word of God on "The Power of His Word"! In this message, God is ministering a powerful and anointed Word for us to receive and be transformed by in order to destroy the works of the enemy in our lives!


Acts 3:17-18


1. God Never Has To "TRY" To Accomplish His Word

     *Isaiah 55:10-11

     *2 Timothy 3:16-17

     *Acts 6:7

     *John 1:1-4

          -Every word spoken by God is released with purpose and intent...and that intent canNOT be stopped!


2. God Does Not Expect You To "TRY" To Accomplish His Word

     *Matthew 16:19

     *Matthew 6:10

     *Matthew 6:33

     *Mark 11:23-24

          -God has equipped you to release every heavenly blessing through you!


3. Nothing Can Stop His Word From ACCOMPLISHING Its Task

     *Job 42:2

     *Proverbs 21:30

     *Ephesians 1:3

          -Will you choose to walk in the power of God's Word?