Luke 2:8-17

In order to know "Who Will Go" (better yet, who should go), let's take a moment to learn "Who CAN Go"!



1- Anyone Who Needs God's Goodness

     *We all fall short and are sinful...EVERYONE Needs His goodness


2- Anyone Who Accepts The Call From God

     *Scripture says many are called, few are chosen. This isn't because so many didn't make the team. There is some truth in that, but also because so many reject the invitation...God's calling YOU!


3- Anyone Who Refuses To Compromise The Word Of God!

     *The Word of God is powerful because it is God in communicative form! Once we change the Word, we've removed God...and His power. If you want to see lives changed, you have to share the uncompromised Word of God...REVEAL GOD, don't APPEAL to man!


***If you find yourself admitting you need God's goodness; if you recognize the voice of God calling you out; if you refuse to compromise God's Word for the sake of emotions; if all this is true, YOU ARE QUALIFIED TO GO!