John 4:7-14

So many times we have a special encounter with someone that forever changes your life. Whether it be your spouse and best friend, or if it was an encounter that brought pain, it forever changed our lives in one moment.

So much more true is the encounter(s) we have with God! Often times those encounters are surrounded in ridiculousness.

When we see the woman at the well drawing water, her encounter was no different. How was her encounter, and ours, so ridiculous?

4 Areas God Encounters Us Ridiculously:

1- Who He Encounters

     *Jesus encountered a woman who was the outcast of her society because of her unfaithful lifestyle, but He knew her. It is ridiculous to think that the God of the universe, the very God so mighty and magnificent that He simply spoke all creation into existence, cares so much for someone like you and me. It's ridiculous! Not even our role models--athletes, entertainers, politicians--know us personally or care to, but the God who holds everything in His hand does. That's ridiculous! But it's reality...and it's incredible!

2- Where He Encounters

     *Jesus encountered this woman in Samaria--a nation rejected by Jews because they were not purebreeds; they were defective. It's ridiculous to think that a teacher with disciples would subject himself to go through Samaria instead of taking the long way around, but He did. She was at a well that Jacob (spiritual father) built and drew from to meet a physical need. But, like that day, Jesus is meeting our spiritual needs; our God goes to the worst of places, to the most vile of people, to meet a need they aren't even pursuing! It's ridiculous, but it's reality! And thank Him for it because we'd be hopeless if He hadn't!

3- When He Encounters

     *It was noon when this woman ran into Jesus. Noon is NOT the normal time for drawing water. That happens in the morning and evening. But, as we discussed, this woman was outcasted and undesirable to be around, so the town didn't allow her to get water when they did. She was unwanted. That is until she encountered Jesus! We may find ourselves in moments of our lives where everyone has turned their backs on us. Moments of loneliness, of pain, of heartache--the darkest hours we've experienced. We may very well feel unwanted and unloved by anyone, but in those dark hours is when God is coming to meet you. When you are doing all you can to draw enough strength to live another day or hour on your own, He is coming to you to share how you can have so much more than that! It's ridiculous...but it's reality!

4- Why He Encounters

     *In John 4:4, it says Jesus HAD to go through Samaria. That statement could be taken for granted because Galilee, where He was headed, was on the other side of Samaria...but then again, other Jews would walk around the long way. This word HAD, in the original language, is "dei". It means "necessary" or "in need of", but it gained ever deeper meaning when it was used in context with Jesus (doesn't He do the same for us? Give us deeper meaning when we encounter Him!). When it was used concerning Christ, this word became defined as "destined for purpose of salvation". He HAD to go through a defiled and despised place to meet a vile and outcast woman at an unorthodox hour to share the hope of salvation for the rest of the world! It's ridiculous! He was telling this woman that what the Jews--the pure and perfect people--hoped for, she could have too...and He's telling us that what we have hoped for and experienced, the messed up people in the world around us can have too! It's ridiculous! But it's reality.

Thank God He embraces the ridiculous!