Job 1:6-12
Are you familiar with a handicap in sports? It's used to help deplete the score difference between 2 opponents, giving equally opportunity for victory and a competitive game. For example, if a golfer is consistently shooting 100 on a 72 par game, their handicap is 28 (the difference between what they shoot and what they should shoot).
Now, if they play against a player who shoots 72 and has no handicap, that 28 shot handicap will come into effect at the end, changing his end total by 28.
Why is this important???
Because in the encounter between God and Satan, regarding Job, we learn some very valuable information: Satan had to be given a handicap to even touch Job...and it still wasn't enough!
If we reflect the same faithfulness Job did and we can be known by God as blameless, upright, fear God, and turn from evil, just as Job was, we are able to walk in the same power and authority to overcome the enemy's best shots.