Genesis 26:15-18

How many times have you looked back at a well--a place where God undeniably moved in and touched your life--and wondered why isn't moving any more?

The truth is, He is moving! The water is still there. We've just allowed the enemy to fill it back in with dirt!

1. We must learn to be cautious and frugal with who we trust to maintain our wells--who we allow to speak into our lives, and speak over the things the Lord has done.

2. We must be generous in who share the water with, tho! God has been generous in His giftings to us! He has given His son, He has given talents, He has spoken promises, and He has given us favor. We must recklessly share those same things with a thirsty world! And even moreso with those God has entrusted to us!

3. We must leave water-filled wells behind for the next generation (not allow it to be filled in), but we must also encourage them to dig new wells, expanding the work of the Kingdom of God in their lives and the lives of everyone the encounter!