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We have all certainly felt the undeniable effects of COVID-19 on our daily lives!

You've felt it with your job; if you haven't had to temporarily step away due to shutting down, then you are feeling the heightened demands of the job as fewer and fewer people are doing the work that used to be done by many.

You've felt in your time; there is less available to do. Life has slowed down dramatically, which is not bad at all, and you are left to fill it new hobbies (productive or not).

You've felt it in your families; if you have younger children, you are now experiencing their effects on the house as they are locked in all day. And you are experincing the life of parent AND teacher!

And you're feeling it with church; for the safety of our people, we are having to re-evaluate what church "looks like" at this time. That means the doors are not open to public gathering as they once were. The sanctuary isn't flooded with the sounds of songs and praises, nor filled with images of hugs and conversation. We aren't hearing children run around laughing. BUT WE ARE STILL HAVING CHURCH!!!

Church is just...different. Join us Live every Sunday at 10:45am as we still worship and minister the Word of God! Join us as we continue to grow in Jesus and die to ourselves. Join us as we encourage a hopeless world with the hope of Christ. Join us!

How sweet it will be when we can finally come together again in body!